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Meeting on a date

A bridge not too far

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Landscape painting

Landscape painting is depiction of natural elements like lands, mountains, valleys, sky, rivers, trees, forests, weather etc. and their wide view. It is inspired by massive expanse or panoramic views. Sometimes all these elements come beautifully together to form a beautiful scene or sometimes artist creates his own vision by combining some elements of one scene and his own additions or visualizations.

Abstract Painting

As the name suggests, this form of painting has lot of abstraction. Sometimes it is mix of reality blended in pleasing forms and lines that form the subject and composition. Artists enjoy freedom in creation of abstract paintings. This kind of art comprises colors, forms, lines, textures and their interplay.

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Blue Lagoon

Looking Beyond

Festival of Lights

Greeting 1

Another Good Morning


Red Flower New

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White N Green

Abstract Landscape

Abstract New





Night Out


Red Curtain

Steel Life
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Shah Warje

Dangat Park

R K Life Space Wakad
Welcome to the world of experiential art of watercolors. This website is home to peace, enchantment, joy, serenity, celebration of colours, happiness, spirituality and all those positive attributes. Every painting is story in itself with a happy ending. This is a cool retreat from busyness.

All art is team work of artist and viewer. This website is an endevour to find viewers to complete the team. Come, let's join hands and create a world of peace and harmony.

Subjects vary from landscapes to floral, nature to manmade projects, digital to mixed media, from watercolours to acrylics but inner message is same of creativity and expression.

All paintings are available for sell. You can buy originals as well as prints at discounted prices. Place your orders or inquiries in feedback form. Thanks for the visit.

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