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Offer your quote

Offer your quote facility is available. Just call or write an email to enquiry@nenear.com. Prices are in US Dollars for international customers. However, conversion in Indian rupees is available. All paintings are unframed. Packing and Shipping are free. Prints available at customized sizes and materials. Money back guarantee. Just write an email and will respond back with the pricing. Thanks for the visit, please visit again.


Express yourself

Art is an extension of your personality. What you showcase is your statement of unspoken words. I have the facility of previewing my artwork in your spaces. Just email me the snap and your choice of selected artwork from my gallery, I will create a preview and email you


Thanks to my Guru

I am an architect by profession. On a professional assignment, I came across father-so - Well known and eminent artists - Late Pratap Mulick Sir and Milind Mulick Sir. Both of them inspired and encouraged me to start with sketching, followed by painting. Without their able guidance, support and encouragement, I could not have done anything that I am doing in art field today. I am indebted to both of them. There is a lot to learn from them. I sincerely thank my gurus in gratitude. Please visit their website www.milindmulick.com. Milind Sir also conducts watercolor classes. I am posting artwork by Milind Mulick Sir.


Watercolor Discoveries

Buy paintings online, Paintings for sale online. Painting has sparked so many insights into living my life. When I started, I always believed in painting my paper to the fullest, to the last edge, say like writing to the end of the page. Slowly, I discovered, it’s not the filling that works but actually the empty spaces. This was followed by another discovery of leaving SO much to viewers’ imagination. There’s no point in painting everything sharp and clear. Then it looks like a photograph. First discovery can easily relate to our everyday experience of the urge to have space, weekend needs to be followed by a week full of work. Second discovery relates to refraining from saying everything to everyone. Unspoken feelings convey our messages powerfully.

Anil Nene


Everything starts with an inspiring yes to WHY. Why do we do what we do? Is it for earning money? Is it for job satisfaction? Is it for a good time pass? Why is the reason that separates every individual from the others. We are here to enable divine purpose of the universe to unfold - Eckhart Tolle. I believe, when I create art, it is not me who creates it, it is the universe flowing through me. I am merely a channel of divine expression. I am doing artworks because I love creating them out of nothing or something. Most of the times, I merge one or two pictures to create something different in my artworks. Thats the only reason WHY I paint. I have no other intention before, during or after the creation. Thanks for the visit, its always encouraging for artist when people drop by, have a look and enjoy artowrks.

Anil Nene

Testimonial From USA

It’s our honor to recommend Anil Nene’s art work. We have purchased his artwork since 2013 and now enjoy several of his paintings. Anil is a very talented artist who has worked with us to paint pieces in a size that we required. We enjoy the vibrant colors and warmth of his timeless paintings. It makes us smile when we see them – true enjoyment! Joe and Angela Allman Rockwall, Texas USA

Joe Allman